Developing and following your vision

Raised on the Sweetgrass First Nation west of the Battlefords in Saskatchewan, Kendal Netmaker knew what it was like to grow up as a disadvantaged youth. An impressive athlete and soccer player, Kendal benefited from the kindness and generosity of a friend, who paid his recreation fees so he could attend organized games. This kindness stuck with Kendal who went on to finish high school and university before starting his unique business, Neechie Gear (Neechie = friend) selling athletic gear online and from his shop in Saskatoon’s Centre Mall. Kendal is proud of his Cree heritage and language and he encourages Cree youth to use him as a role model for success. He and his business have won numerous awards including the 2012 Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce ABEX award and the award as Saskatoon’s finest entrepreneur, in 2012.

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